Will She or Won’t She?

The road that leads to the Peace Corps is turning out to be quite bumpy. So much needs to happen within the next six to eight weeks in order for me to gain access to destinations unknown.

The most immediate of issues includes a head-to-toe, properly documented, clean bill of health from a variety of doctors, most of whom are less motivated than I to meet the imposed deadlines.

Coming in at a close second is meeting the requirement of being debt-free, with the exception, of course, of student loans which we all know follow you to the grave. Because my current work assignment ends on May 29, a seamless transition into a summer assignment is crucial if I am to meet those financial goals.

The final issue, which is actually a complication of the previous issue, is the loss of the use of my vehicle which disqualifies me for the summer job that I had lined up, the one I was counting on in order to meet the aforementioned debt-free requirement.

So when Laura B. asked me for a Pre-Peace Corps update, I realized that I had been avoiding the blog because I was waiting for things to get better. I only wanted to share the good stuff.

So while I was waiting for the good stuff to happen, I was presenting my case to God. This calling has been twenty years in the making; surely He will honor it. I keep looking for a ram in the bush but I know that for Abraham it came only after he demonstrated a complete willingness to sacrifice that which was most important to him.

Is there anything or anyone that could stop you from pursuing your big dream?

For me, even if every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed to Uncle Sam’s satisfaction and I am boarding the plane as God suddenly says, “Stay,” I will stay. So as I continue to dive head-first into this incredible adventure, I regularly remind myself to live in the moment and not to overlook today’s adventure in favor of that which has not yet happened… and only God has the power to make happen.


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