Last week I was officially nominated for service in the Peace Corps.  With a stack of application paperwork under my belt and the next stack in FedX limbo, the month of August taunts me through my peripheral vision.  

A friend asked me a very good question: “If you get a fabulous job offer between now and August, will you say ‘no’ to the Peace Corps?” I didn’t have to think very long before responding, “I’ve had fabulous job offers before. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”  Though she did not ask the next question, I read her mind in the way that girlfriends do and responded, “And if I meet a wonderful man who sweeps me off my feet between now and August, no, I will not say ‘no’ to the Peace Corps.  I’ve been swept off my feet before and I believe that I will be again.  This is one of those unique moments in time when a dream like this can come true.”

It is my honor to invite you to join me as I blog my way through this leg of my adventure.  Welcome to my Pre-Peace Corps blog!



  1. Ryn Fernandez said

    Congratulations!! You will succeed, I’m sure!! Have a wonderful experience.

    • I won’t be at all surprised if I have some de ja vu moments that bring me back to the trauma unit!

  2. Tish said

    This is our year!!! They say the forties are fabulous! Well while we may have had a slow start YOU are definately on your way.

    Just as with everything else you do, I know you will be successful. You go girl!

    • That’s an understatement. Perhaps we will figure out the fabulous forties sometime before we hit the nifty fifties!

  3. Ivy Bonk said

    Hey, Anita!! Way to go! I am so happy for you. I do have Facebook, although it is a chore to keep up with so I am not necessarily a frequent flyer. Do you know where you will be going and what you will be doing? Or did I miss that part?

    Love you – Ivy!

  4. I only know that I have been nominated for service in either Central or South America with a departure date of approximately August. I was told that this is a good time to grow in my ability to be flexible as even once I am given a specific location and departure date, I shouldn’t be surprised if the details change a few times.

  5. Catreena R said

    Congrads, I am so happy for you.
    You never know what direction your dream man is in.
    Maybe the Peace Corps, just keep moving forward.
    Good Luck

  6. cathy walsh said

    Comgratulations Anita! I am so happy for you but unprepared for your announcement. I was thinking it was a little further into the future but August, as you say, is right there. I think this will be your next best adventure! I am excited to share in your journey. Thanks for including me.

  7. Jennifer Doss said

    Anita, are we blogging? This is ground breaking for me too. Not only can you drive a huge truck and positively effect everyone you meet- and leave an everlasting footprint (well, maybe in your case tire marks) Now you are a blogger too? Blog on! Liz misses you too. You are with us in spirit. GO ANITA! Jen

  8. Trish said

    GREAT JOB!! I am so thrilled to see you on this GRAND adventure….I wanna go too!! Good luck as you do what you do best….relate to others! keep us all posted as you move thru the process so we can experience all your joys with you. Best of Luck! Trish

  9. Joyce Kersey said

    Congratulations Anita,

    I always knew you were born with adventure and greatness. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I am sure the experience will be life changing.
    Keep us all posted as you make this journey. May God bless you and keep you safe and happy.

    Joyce Kersey

  10. Bobb Kersey said

    Do your thing while you are still young. Travel at others expense. Get a free and valuable education that the average person is either too ignorant to realize, or is afraid to pursue. Education comes from many different places and experiences; it is not limited to the class room. Life is worth living and to live it to the fullest you must get involved. Take action and indulge in the unknown and under-explored. I wish you well. I love you very much and I am proud of your latest stride toward independence and adulthood.

    God bless you and keep you,

    Uncle Bobb

  11. Johnnie Spates-Greene said

    Congratulations Anita! I am so happy for you. I met and heard you at last year United Women Conference in Travel city, Michigan and was inspired by your presentation withwhat you said and all the T-shirts and their messages. I am living in Cleveland and I attend Holy Trinity Baptist Church. I was ask to email you to see if you can speak on our Women Day in October, 2009, but I do not now by you joining the Peace Corps in August.. I do hope you reply back and I keep up with your encounters. God Bless you . Johnnie

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